Banner Design Services

Making an impression starts with getting noticed. Our custom banners can help.

Looking to boost your visibility? The right personalized banner can catch the eye of a passerby or prospect, especially in busy, high-traffic situations or events. We offer personalized banners and signs for every setting – conferences, in-store events or community parties – with an assortment of high-quality full-color designs.

To start, just pick the banner style that best suits your project. Our classic vinyl hanging banners come in a variety of sizes, with options for indoor or outdoor use. If you regularly participate in trade shows and indoor events, our retractable banners make setting up or breaking down your booth much easier: The banner and stand come pre-assembled and include a durable carrying case. Working outdoors? Be ready for any windy situations with water-, weather- and UV-resistant woven polyester mesh. Whatever you choose, your professionally crafted banner will be ready to show off – and made to last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How should I choose between mesh, vinyl and retractable banners? What’s the difference?
A. Our banners are designed with particular uses in mind. So, when you’re picking a banner type, we recommend you start by asking yourself where and how you plan to display it.

• For outdoor use: Mesh banners are designed to step up to whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Durable, woven polyester mesh lets the wind pass through and can withstand the effects of rain and sun. Our 15-oz. vinyl banners can also be used outdoors – a strong option for grand opening banners, as an example.
• For indoor use: Our retractable banners are great for events or spaces without a lot of wall space. Or, if you have access to a wall, our 13-oz. vinyl banner is a solid option for sales banners or special displays.

Q: How will my design look on mesh vs. vinyl?
A: Because mesh banners have small holes woven in, they’re slightly transparent – a little less vibrant than vinyl. Mesh works well with large fonts and images. Working with a more complex design? You may want to consider a vinyl banner.

Q: Will my banner come with grommets included?
A: Half-inch, metal grommets come included on all mesh banners. They can be added to vinyl banners, if you’d like, depending on how you plan to display your banner. Grommets are not needed on our retractable banners.

Q: Where are the grommets placed on my banner? How many are there? 
A: If your banner comes with grommets, they’re placed along the top and bottom of the banners, about two feet apart. The number of grommets will depend on your banner’s size.

Q: I need a very specific size of banner. Can I get one custom sized?
A: At present, we do not offer custom size options. That said, we offer a wide range of sizes, so there’s a very good chance that we have a banner that will fit your needs.

Q: I already have a retractable banner stand. Can I buy a replacement banner to fit it?
A: No, not at this time. We do, however, offer other vertical stands with which you can mix and match vertical vinyl banners. Just look for our H, L or X stands, available with vinyl banners.

Q: Can I get a double-sided banner?
A: We do offer a double-sided option for our retractable banners. At this time, our hanging banners – mesh and vinyl – are printed on one side only.

Banner Design Services

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